“A Fairy Godmother to help you achieve a NO WORRIES and peace of mind lifestyle both personally and in business” * Business Network Groups *Financial Planning *Estate Planning *Insurance *Funeral Plans *Discount Club

Since working in the Financial Services sector; Life has thrown me a number of curved balls; by this I mean Losing my Husband very suddenly and then my Parents and Younger Brother. So I am Orphan!

But some balls have been good like my Children’s Marriages and Grandchildren 5 in total.
So I have had to deal with Wills, Probate, LPA’s, Insurance, Protection, Mortgages, Investments, Pensions and Utility Bills; but with good advice I have ended up with the No Worries lifestyle I now enjoy.

I started my career in Financial Services back in 2000 as an Administrator and dealing with all aspects of investments, pensions, mortgages and Protection: and have worked for a number of various Financial Planners.

During this time I have seen many Client that get it right but unfortunately, some have not enjoyed the same experience.

4U noworries was set up as result of what I have been through. After life changing events, it helped to know I had the right people to talk to in the right financial sectors. It gave me the inspiration to help others.

My Role is to refer you to companies that care about you and your objectives and the goals you want to achieve.

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