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Let Go & Start Living Coaching Services

Initial Consultation Self-Discovery

 Assessment Call

Are you ready to discover your purpose and live your best life?

Developing the Inner You is committed to helping people achieve their dreams.

As an experienced and trained therapist, I listen. I hear both the spoken and unspoken messages you’re sending.

At Developing the Inner You, I am proud to provide you - my valued clients - with the knowledge, skills, and tools that you will need to improve the quality of life and discover your true purpose.

In our initial session, we’ll explore where you’re going with life and how you can achieve your very best in life.
Structured like a one-on-one live meeting, this one hour and a half virtual  session will help us take stock of where we will proceed on your journey to self discovery.

This first session gives us an opportunity to explore your issues and establish goals. Our initial session is designed to help you conquer unconscious blocks that are getting in your way to discover your best YOU. To do this, we’ll use techniques like clinical hypnotherapy and analysis. 

Discovery Assessment Call

The session will help you create life changes that nurture self-esteem and pave the road to your best life.


  • 1 x 90 min Self-Discovery Session 
  • Workbooks & Action Plans

Your Investment = £125.00

Developing the Inner You

unlock the inner you

rTT therapy + Reiki

Experience a powerful Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session…and begin your journey, to a whole new life!

Available online or face-to-face, from our Harley Street Practice in London

No matter how strong or positive you are – we ALL have past experiences, that keep us feeling blocked from moving forwards, in our lives & businesses. It’s not the experiences themselves that hold us back. But how we remember & interpret those experiences. The stories we tell ourselves, about what happened & how we see ourselves as a result.

Those stories shape your reality. Your life & business, as it is right now. For some of us, those experiences were traumatic. For others of us, they’re more difficult to pinpoint. Experiences our conscious minds have buried – or even seemingly insignificant events, that our subconscious minds have attached deep meaning to. 

RTT uses a combination of techniques, to not only access those blocks in your subconscious mind – but to powerfully clear them, with long-lasting results.

So in as little as one session, you can truly begin to put the past in the past, and move towards your bold new horizons!

And as a Reiki Healer - choose to bolt on an additional 60-minute Reiki Healing Session, to powerfully support you in energetically, emotionally & mentally breaking through the events that have caused you pain. To rebalance your chakras & go from feeling overwhelmed, to in control & on purpose!

1:1 RTT Therapy with Schnel


  • 1 x 90 min RTT Session
  • Bespoke audio recording – to listen to after your session, to lock in your powerful transformation

Your Investment = £275

"Hypnotherapy sessions with Schnel helped me get back on track"

J, Stephenson | ENTREPRENEUR

continuing journey to the inner you

Upgrade to the 60-Day Hypnotherapy & Coaching Experience

RTT is the start of your journey…but by no means the end!

 When you work on your subconscious mind, to release your old blocks & beliefs – often, your conscious mind will initially resist those changes, in an attempt to keep you ‘safe’.

By upgrading to the 60-Day Coaching Experience, you’ll have all the tools & support you need, to truly remove your blocks & get to the next level of success.

As well as your RTT & Reiki Healing session, you’ll experience a unique coaching process over 60 days – focusing on self-discovery, new horizons & both personal & professional transformation.

You’ll clear all the blocks holding you back.

Identify new, bold goals in your life and business.

AND feel completely supported, with all the tools you need to achieve the huge changes you’re so ready for:

60-Day RTT Coaching Experience


  • 2 x 45 min 1:1 Coaching Calls - the proven framework and coaching resources to support you on your journey *
  • 1 x 90 min RTT Session
  • Wellness Welcome Box - Let Go & Start Living Journal, Affirmations & 2 product’s from our affiliate partners
  • Access to a Live Masterclass
  • Access to Workbooks, Exercises and Action Plans
  • Exclusive Discounts & Savings from my Special Partners
  • Private Support Group at our Harley Street Practice
    * held monthly on a Sunday (2pm to 4pm)

Total Value: £1,400

Your Investment = £950

Pay in Full £950
2 x Monthly Instalments £475

"Coaching with Schnel, I've achieved my goals that were once holding me back. I suffered from procrastination.

Now I take full control of my actions"

R, Harper


Let Go & Start Living:
The Signature Coaching Programme

We all have the power within us – to create EVERYTHING we want, in every aspect of our life, business and career.
But sometimes, we stumble.

We experience divorce & messy break-ups. Ill health; redundancy; loss; failure; grief & sadness. We lose confidence. The fear, overwhelm & anxiety creeps in. We lose sight of who we really are & what we really want. We feel disconnected from ourselves & others around us.

We want to be free; to love freely; to trust deeply & feel whole again.

To feel contented & happy, with a deep sense of inner peace.
Moving forward with clarity & confidence can ONLY come when we first release the past. When we embark on the deeper subconscious & conscious-level work, to release those old blocks. Only then can we reconnect with our highest selves; unlock our power & step up into
our fullest potential. 

Based on a wealth of experience, working with entrepreneurs & professional women - this Signature Program has been carefully created, to support you to achieve everything you KNOW you’re capable of.

It’s a unique hybrid programme, combining RTT, high-level 1:1 coaching, self-study & peer support, over a 6-month period.

To fully support you as you embark on a new journey of self-discovery…to become the very best version of yourself, both personally AND professionally.


  • 6 x 45 mins 1:1 Coaching Calls - the proven framework and resources to support you on your journey
  • Access to Workbooks, Exercises and Action Plans
  • Monthly Live Group Calls - including deep-dive Masterclasses & Q & A calls
  • Wellness Welcome Box - Let Go & Start Living Journal, Affirmations & 2 product’s from our affiliate partners
  • Exclusive Discounts & Savings from my Special Partners
  • Private Support Group at our Harley Street Practice
    * held monthly on a Sunday (2pm to 4pm)

In line with the above Coaching Programme/Masterclasses the Masterclasses can be brought separately, however under the coaching programme the Masterclass Virtual series include the following:

  • Unleash The Leader In You
  • Let Go & Start Living after a Relationship has ended
  • Let Go & Start Living after the Loss of a Loved One
  • Let Go & Start Living after a Job Loss
  • Let Go & Start Living after Rejection
  • Let Go & Start Living after You didn’t Get that Promotion
  • Let Go & Start Living after an Academic Setback

Total Value: £2,200

Your Investment:
Pay in Full £1,600
4 x Monthly Instalments £400

hey there!

I'm Schnel Hanson!

My passion around our inner world began with my own journey of self-discovery. My own personal experience sent me straight to the core of who I was – tapping into emotions, beliefs & influences and honing in on the essence of who I am.

Let Go + Start Living Journal

The ONLY journal you’ll ever need!

Journaling is like talking to a good friend. When you journal freely, your thoughts stop swirling around your mind – and instead, you start to find clarity on the page.