Top 5 Me Time Activities of 2021 

The Top 5 “Me Time” Activities Of 2021

  1. Zoom Reiki

Whether you have been out on the front lines as a key worker this past year; or at home keeping the kids entertained, we all agree it has been a trying year. However, a silver lining of this is just how accessible different practices have become as you can now do them virtually in your own home. Reiki is a Japanese therapy that cultivates healing energy, and while it is typically transferred from the practitioner to the patient through touch, distance Reiki has been around since long before Zoom was invented. There have been several promising studies showing how Reiki is more effective than a placebo. Whilst we have no studies on the practice, it has been reported as having a positive change on thousands around the globe. 

  1. Holistic Rest

We all know the average amount of sleep an adult is meant to have each night is between 6-9 hours as reported by the NHS. But, what if I told you there are seven different types of rest – that you may not have heard of – that are essential for your daily routine. The key one that we all know is physical rest or sleep. However, we also need the following: spiritual rest (helping those in need), social rest (time to decompress away from people), emotional rest (time for yourself away from issues or drama), creative rest (expressing yourself through a creative medium), sensory rest (for example: reducing light and sound in a room for ten minutes) and mental rest (clearing your mind with something like meditation or yoga). Luckily these don’t all take hours like physical rest; some only take a few minutes and some deep breaths.

  1. Tiktok Fitness

Having to stay indoors for the past year and a half, has taken a mental toll on all of us. Being in nature and walking outside is scientifically proven to release endorphins and give us that happy feeling. Exercise can be a great way to release any tension and makes our body produce more serotonin (the happy hormone). Much like virtual Reiki, many fitness gurus and trainers took to Youtube and Tiktok to keep their businesses going and spreading a little bit of energy to the world. Not only did exercise routines and yoga sessions start popping up for free on social media, but Tiktok became the home of several dance trends that were fun for all ages to learn and make their own. Most of the time people were too busy having fun to realize that they were getting in that workout they’d been putting off.

  1. Skinimalism 

When it comes to skincare, there are two kinds of people: the ones that enjoy a nice, long 10-step routine, and those that just want a quick wash. Both are completely valid, and if you enjoy your routine then go for it (we love a good pamper). However, if this kind of routine isn’t for you then you are going to love skinimalism! The new trend says it’s totally OK to streamline your products and stick with as few products as possible. We love a three-step system: cleanse, tone, and moisturize (with SPF, during the day). That’s it! Don’t overthink it—and while you’re at it, embrace your skin’s natural pores, lines, wrinkles, and freckles.

  1. Digital Detox

Almost everyone is guilty of being glued to the screens, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In such a fast-paced time, with the news changing minute to minute, and communication with everyone you love being at your fingertips, it was inevitable that we turn to our screens more often than not to help us get through these difficult times. The increase in the use of social media and streaming services, has created more awareness around how dependant we are on our technology as well as caused a lot of people to start seeing the world through a lens rather than with their own eyes. Because of this, many people over the past year have begun to do a digital detox either weekly or once a month, in which they; turn off all technology and social media and take time to read a book, chat with a housemate and be in the moment

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