Tom is a leading Personal Trainer, fitness expert & Nutrition Coach, and has worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs, high level executives, top class athletes & clients around the globe to rapidly upgrade their energy, transform their bodies, & enhance mental clarity.

Husband and wife duo, Jess and Tom, run The Online Workout Club and The Online Nutrition Clinic. The goal? To leave you feeling fitter, healthier & happier.

Jess is a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and ‘foodie’, and passionate about the power of food, movement and our mindset, and the influence, positive or negative, it has on our health. Her mission is to educate & inspire people to achieve & sustain their health & body shape goals.

Together, they teach smart ways for creating more energy, more mental clarity, & more stamina throughout the day.

Most days you can find Jess and Tom in Menorca, Spain. They have a 4 and a half month old daughter and understand that exercise needs to be time efficient and fun for it to be sustainable.

They train people online via Skype or Zoom calls which works incredible well providing you have space in your home to do so. Minimal kit is required.

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