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The significant business growth you want to have doesn’t happen by accident.
Kaizen Business Consultants are regarded as experts at developing a high-performance leadership team & culture that gets you the significant business growth you dreamed of.
After 11 years of working alongside CEOs/ MDs of multi-million £ businesses we noticed that there are 7 key problems that hinder most companies.
Leaving them feeling out of control, frustrated by their team and wanting more profit.

The unique T.R.U.S.T.E.D Process overcomes these problems plus puts you back in control of your business, increases annual profits by 60% (on average) and develop an “In Demand” business.

Meaning the sleepless nights worrying about what’s going to go wrong next with your team.
Or your frustration with Managers dropping the ball.
Or cash flow worries because of Clients not paying…are no longer a thing.

The T.R.U.S.T.E.D Process simply lets businesses overcome such challenges plus have a shortcut to the success you deserve.

Personal bio:

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Tim. Tim Jones.

As an equity partner and Commercial Director, I’ve grown a company by over £31M within only 5 years, driven a cultural change programme that led to becoming multi award-winning, recognised as a UKs Employer of Choice…plus achieved a staff retention % that is the envy of competitors.

Since exiting the business I’m now sharing my knowledge with a select group of ambitious & entrepreneurial business leaders who want similar results.

So that they now can finally arrive at work each day safe in the knowledge that their organisation is continually improving, making a meaningful difference to the lives of their staff & Clients; whilst effortlessly increasing profitability that surpasses their expectations.

As I’ve the experience, skills & knowledge to be a shortcut for you.

Having started my career 28 years ago as an Apprentice and worked my way up the ranks to become MD & Business owner, I’ve faced every problem and situation that’ll likely be thrown at you in today’s highly competitive and challenging marketplace.

I can empathise with exactly how it feels to be a busy CEO/MD who has a vision of what they want but isn’t sure how to get it… or the Time to do what’s required.
Or is frustrated because of their Team’s poor morale and lack of energy.
Or worried because Sales are inconsistent.
And I know how lonely it can be.
Not having someone to discuss your ideas with and who really gets the pressure you’re under or the problems you face.

Which is why I can be that confidential sounding board you need.

I’ll share with you the processes and strategies that gets you huge increases in turnover each year, help you develop robust business systems that will grow your business profitably and implement a high-performance Team & cultural programme that attracts the right staff and retains them.

Resulting in you getting the rewards and recognition your efforts deserve.

If you believe you should be one of the handful of businesses, I’m going to share my proven process, experience and knowledge with, please connect on LinkedIn or alternatively, email me at tim@kaizenbusiness.uk to organise a brief no-obligation chat to explore the opportunities.


12:00PM to 1:00PM

26 January 2021
Speaker Topic:

Trusted process for business growth

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