‘In 1991, Tony Robbins said, “Great Britain is NOT ready for firewalking” and refused to come to the UK.’ So, Steve arranged some himself. Tony changed his mind.’

Now, 30 years later, Steve runs Success Formulae Ltd and Europe’s largest Firewalking Empowerment Training company, in Great Britain. And he has trained over 300 Instructors from over 30 countries, in Empowerment, mindfulness and the power of Quantum Character- ‘your ability to focus your whole being onto your purpose’. His speciality is to focus people’s minds on how they can achieve their goals by their activities through their thinking and with the help of quantum physics. His company, helps people to ‘radically reveal their potential’-and they do!

You will hear about how the mind and body create the energy and catalyst to the thinking that creates the states that we live in and how to create the inner life you want. And he’ll demonstrate it. Then, you might just get an invite to one of his Radical Empowerment Trainings.

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