Peter, otherwise known as PMAC, is an experienced Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and respected Fitness Influencer with a strong client base. His celebrity clients include Marvin & Rochelle Humes, Reggie Yates and Dua Lipa. He is well known for his Instagram @pmacfitness where he motivates and inspires his 70.7K followers through his uplifting and to the point attitude. He encourages people to live an active lifestyle and through sharing his clients’ success stories and selling his own fitness plans he has helped men and women from all ages and sizes reach their fitness goals.

PMAC has worked with a number of brands from Samsung to Vitabiotics and has been a guest speaker at various schools in London, where he’s been praised for telling his story in the hope of inspiring young people. PMAC aims to show that through hard work, consistency and effort anything is possible, and you can always start your journey to being the best you.


11:00AM to 12:00PM

26 January 2021
Speaker Topic:

Building a good habit plan   

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