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Schnel Hanson 

hey there!

I'm Schnel Hanson
Your Masterclass Host

I’m a business coach (with a BA Hons in Business Studies); Chartered MCIPD (HR) with a background in executive training, and a fully qualified therapist and Reiki practitioner.

It is this unique background & unique blend of skills, that enables me to support you both personally & professionally, to truly help you heal your wounds and to achieve all the success you want and deserve.

I have a wealth of experience working with entrepreneurs & professional women.

And I would LOVE to support you in your transformation.

So, if you are ready to get started, here's how we can work together!



I'm Francesa  Davey
Your Special Guest Host

Francesca is a Senior Associate at Nockolds and has specialised in family law for approaching 10 years. Her work focuses on resolving disputes about money or children at the end of a relationship. 

She works extensively in children cases involving contact disputes, relocation, alienation, financial provision and safeguarding concerns. She also advises on all aspects of relationship breakdown for married and unmarried couples including divorce, financial settlements, nuptial agreements, and cohabitation disputes. She is experienced in guiding matters through court proceedings, negotiation out of court, or through alternative dispute resolution. She strongly advocates identifying the right resources to reach a conclusion in each particular case.

As an accredited member of Resolution Francesca’s approach is based on minimising conflict throughout the process and providing straightforward, pragmatic and tailored advice which looks at your circumstances as a whole and in which the client always comes first.


I'm Jess Dyer
Your Special Guest Host

Jess is a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and ‘foodie’, and passionate about the power of food, movement and our mindset, and the influence, positive or negative, it has on our health. Her mission is to educate & inspire people to achieve & sustain their health & body shape goals.

Husband and wife duo, Jess and Tom, run The Online Workout Club and The Online Nutrition Clinic. The goal? To leave you feeling fitter, healthier & happier.

Tom is a leading Personal Trainer, fitness expert & Nutrition Coach, and has worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs, high level executives, top class athletes & clients around the globe to rapidly upgrade their energy, transform their bodies, & enhance mental clarity.


I'm Rita Gupta
Your Special Guest Host

Rita deals with all areas of Family Law here at LGFL. Her key areas include Divorce, Financial settlements, Cohabitation issues, Children, and Relationship Planning. As a former member of the Law Society’s Children Law panel, she specialises in cases involving Children, and Financial issues where the interests of minor children are upmost. 

Rita believes in a holistic approach to Divorce, and has created a unique network of professionals to help clients through the everyday challenges of separation and life after Divorce and Relationship breakdowns. This bespoke service sets LGFL apart from its competitors both in the Reading area and Internationally, as it is fully Director led.

A masterclass to help you overcome the fear and anxiety surrounding a relationship breakdown, so that you can move forward to the next chapter of your life.


Do you struggle with doubt that you are with the 'right' partner?

Are you scared of being alone?

Are you worried about how you will cope after a separation? 
If you want to live a happy life, where you feel fulfilled, appreciated, and worthy, you need to overcome the fear of being alone, so that you can move into the next chapter of your life and manifest your dreams.

Perhaps you have felt unhappy in your marriage for many years, or maybe you have suddenly hit the realisation that the relationship has ended completely out of the blue, the prospect of ending a marriage will naturally uncover new emotions.  You may feel sad, worried, angry, happy, or even exhilarated at the prospect of a new beginning, but this sudden change can also leave you anxious about what the future holds. 

However you feel, it is important to remember that it is completely natural and there are ways to help you overcome these complex emotions and the handle with the legal transition in a way which provides security and peace of mind.

Divorce fear and anxiety can display itself in many ways, from depression and apathy to hopelessness and despair, especially if you are facing an unknown legal process. There may be many issues within your relationship with  led to your divorce, such as infidelity, substance abuse, gambling, porn addictions and other issues which have damaged your trust in your spouse. However, despite the ending of your relationship, it is possible to move forward with a divorce with healthy communications and minimal stress, if you have the support behind you.


Your fears surrounding separation or divorce do not need to become your reality, as I am here to support you through this complex emotional and legal process. This masterclass will help you to move forward to the next chapter of your life, with support for your emotional healing combined with expert advice from legal professionals, so that you understand the path forward and the options available to you.

The benefits of attending the divorce masterclass

The ultimate goal of this masterclass is to help you overcome your fear and anxiety of getting a divorce, however we will also achieve the following:


  • Set goals for the future which are focused on you as an individual
  • We will define a strategy and create a personalised divorce roadmap
  • Learn about mental health, physical fitness, wellbeing, and resilience from our qualified guest speakers
  • Understand the legal matters surrounding the divorce process from our panel of qualified speakers 
  • Positive self-talk and improved confidence
  • The importance of good communication 
  • Learning forgiveness and how to be single again
  • Discussions in small groups with individuals who are also going through the divorce process


If you are feeling overwhelmed about the divorce process, I will help you to reconnect with yourself and plan your future, so that you can LET GO and move forward with confidence.
 you have been through a divorce, are thinking about a divorce, or are about to go through a breakup, it will take time for you to heal and to navigate the bumps along this emotional path. To find out more or to book your place, contact us today and start your healing process as we take you on the path to your future.



Saturday 24 July 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM BST



I will teach you how to LET GO and overcome the fears you have about getting a divorce or separating.
We will create a divorce mind map, so that you can move forward with your personal growth with a more mindful approach of your wellbeing and personal goals.
You will learn how to value your own health, both physically and mentally with support such as nutrition and exercise planning.
With support from experienced divorce lawyers, solicitors, and legal professionals you will be taught the key legal matters relating to your divorce.
You will be given the resources, information and tools you need to live a more abundant life.


Poor stress management - By definition, stress. can be a mental, physical or emotional disturbance, which can dominate every aspect of our health and wellbeing.  We are all individuals and the way we experience and manage stress can vary.  However, poor stress management particularly during an emotional divorce can manifest itself as serious symptoms, including chest pain, high blood pressure, muscle aches, headaches, shortness of breath, weight changes and digestion issues.
Short attention span - If you are feeling mentally and emotionally consumed by your divorce or separation, you may be suffering from a short attention span within your everyday life.  This can have several negative effects, including poor performance at work, difficulty maintaining relationships with friends and family, and even an inability to complete everyday tasks. 
Difficulty sleeping and relaxing - Many people battle with sleep issues during a divorce, as the worry, stress and emotional feelings can weigh heavy on a person's mind.  This inability to switch off and relax can lead to troublesome sleep issues, which could have an impact on your immune system and mental health.
Feeling of loneliness - During a divorce or separation you will be finding your feet again as a newly single individual with a new identity, and naturally this will raise new emotions which you will need to manage.  Being alone does not need to feel lonely, and it is easy to forget just how alone a person can feel staying in an unhealthy or unhappy relationship.



Feeling paralysed by fear 
A lack of direction and purpose 
Low self-confidence 
Exhaustion, fatigue, and poor physical and mental health

Book Your Early Bird Masterclass Ticket £20.00


Within this comprehensive Divorce masterclass, you will learn the legal steps to follow, how to love yourself more and find the inner peace you need to move on, so that you can let go, communicate well, and build resilience.


A 1-hour personalised self-love empowerment blue-print session with me, Schnel Hanson, the Therapist and Transformational Coach where I can help you as an individual go deeper into your inner child, higher self and find peace, as it's time to LET GO and Start your next chapter (RRP £120)
Online Course by Schnel Hanson: Let Go Start Living: Mastery of self-love (RRP £49)
Self-love coach journal and Start Living Journal Course by Schnel Hanson - An exercise to support you through your journey of self-love and understanding (RRP £23.75)
Wheel of life profile and debrief (RRP £80)
Access to live masterclass with other individuals who are also on a journey of self-discovery following a relationship breakdown (RRP £30)
Free access to the signature divorce online masterclass with wellbeing support, professional advice relating to legal matters, and fitness and mental health experts (RRP £199)
Free access to meditations and bonus (RRP £50)
6 x 45-minute monthly one-on-one session via phone or Zoom video call, where we will walk towards your goals and provide the emotional you need during each stage of your divorce (RRP £700)
Free access to a private Facebook group, which includes inspiration and further support from peers and other group members.  This is a great place to share your struggles, achievements and to seek advice with others who are going through similar situations.


Personalised Divorce Consultation 1 hour 30 minutes with Francessa and summary written advice (RRP £250)
A 2-hour closed support group which will be held monthly at Harley Street Practice. Light refreshments will be provided and all meetings will be held in accordance with the latest Covid-19 guidelines. (RRP £90)




£960.00 + VAT EARLY BIRD




Schnel has taught me, your life does not stop following a marriage breakdown or separation, it is simply a new direction, a new way forward and a new beginning for you to embrace. It is natural to be fearful or anxious about a divorce, after all you are moving forward into the unknown. However, you will be able to heal your emotions, find your inner self and learn to love yourself with the support of our professional wellbeing coaches and legal experts. 


The steps i'm learning during my coaching sessions, has made me feel more relieved. I look forward to the new chapter of my life!

J. Wiley, Hospitality