The Awareness Key is proud to be a “Centre Of Influence” as we put in place a proactive approach in people’s lives to achieve strong mental health. My work as a Mental Strength Coach offers prior intervention in mental health and mind care through awareness which differentiates us from other mental health approaches. Once learned these essential skills don’t take out any extra time in your day and when put in place prevent mental health problems.

The Awareness Key’s “Mindpower Proficiency” Techniques help you stay strong mentally each day especially when the Curveballs of Life come your way.

Following a life changing head injury and, adversity as a child, I have combined both knowledge from my personal experiences and careers to date to set up the only training facility in the UK to offer the combination of sports, animals and nature to prevent mental health problems using several proven, scientific methods. The Awareness Key’s Outdoor Centre is set in 10 acres of spectacular countryside in the South Downs National Park. When people are unable to come to us we bring our Outdoor Centre to you.

I believe everyone deserves good mental health and am on a mission to make people aware that by using specific techniques in our daily lives we can become mentally resilient. I have been coaching for 25 years and have an excellent reputation for helping people to perform at their absolute best; from kids to corporates.

We work completely differently to give our clients life-long tools to navigate the challenges that our minds face, particularly in the face of the current pandemic as mental health is rarely out of the press.

It is possible to build up mental strength and thankfully my earlier intervention approach keeps us mentally strong in a constantly changing world.

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