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Dealing with Relationship Difficulties

Relationship difficulties can range from feelings of a lack of support to toxic communication or controlling behaviours by one or both parties. There may be feelings of resentment or jealousy. Couples may lie to or disrespect each other. Relationship problems may also manifest themselves in negative financial behaviours.

What are Relationship Problems?

Problems between two people often involve difficulty viewing one another as a good match.

 One or both may feel stuck in or dissatisfied with the relationship.

Communication difficulties may preclude their being able to work things out.

Living with Relationship Problems

  • Is there a lack of support?
  • Is communication toxic?
  • Are there controlling behaviors?
  • Is there resentment or jealousy?
  • Do you lie to or disrespect each other?
  • Are there negative financial behaviors?

Common Causes

  • Lack of honesty about needs, want, and desires.
  • Inflexibility unwillingness to compromise.
  • Selfishness or self-involvement.
  • Meddling parents, friends, siblings, co-workers.
  • Repeated deference to others over your partner’s objection.
  • Being overly critical, sarcastic, verbally abusive.
  • Undermining, blaming or manipulating partner.
  • Withholding affection, sex, or conversation.
  • This is often a sign of veiled anger.
  • Unresolved arguments or problems.
  • Name-calling.
  • Keeping secrets.
  • Financial concerns.
  • Drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behavior


Couples therapy uses psychotherapy to help two people involved in a relationship.

  • Build time together into your schedule. Refuse to trade it off.
  • Remind each other frequently why you are together.
  • Celebrate your individual interests and talents.
  • Don’t take each other for granted.
  • Be candid about your needs and desires. Use “I” statements.
  • Listen actively to what your partner says.

I Can Help!

Many of my clients have found that strategies for dealing with relationships include
rapid transformational therapy, hypnotherapy, and coaching.

Through interaction with a trained, experienced therapist, couples gain insight into their relationship.
Couples therapy helps them resolve their conflict and improve their relationship.

Contact me for more information on a free self discovery workbook or to book a free discovery session.

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