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Dealing With Fertility Issues

If you and your mate are having fertility issues, you are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control, ten percent of couples under forty-five years of age have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant. Fertility issues are frequently accompanied by feelings of anger, stress, inadequacy, resentment, and depression.

What is Infertility

Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying

 if you are under thirty-five and six months if you are older than thirty-five

Common Causes

There are several reasons for fertility issues. Some of these are physical. However, there are also emotional and psychological issues which can contribute to an inability to get pregnant or stay pregnant.

These can be treated by a competent relationships counsellor. Causes not related to female/male physiology may include smoking, alcohol and other stimulant use, overweight, stress, anxiety or depression. 

Stress and anxiety build when couples attempt unsuccessfully to conceive.

How Do You Know You Need Help?

Coping with infertility is hard. Anxiety and depression can be overwhelming. Fertility issues often create feelings of low self-esteem and negative self-worth. 

Infertility also comes with a perceived social pressure to have kids or a feeling of judgment from friends, colleagues, or family members.

You may experience feelings of inadequacy, emptiness, or failure. These feelings may interfere with your relationship.

The best way to help yourself is to acknowledge your feelings and seek help.


If your problems are physical, doctors may prescribe fertility drugs to help.

These drugs cause a release of hormones that trigger or regulate ovulation.

However, if fertility issues are not physical, studies have shown that individual and couples cognitive behavioural psychotherapy decrease stress and mood symptoms, as well as increasing fertility.

I Can Help!

Many of my clients have found that strategies for dealing with fertility issues include
rapid transformational therapy, hypnotherapy, and coaching.

Through interaction with a trained, experienced therapist, couples gain insight into their fertility issues.
Couples therapy helps them resolve their conflict and improve their relationship.

Contact me for more information on a free self discovery workbook or to book a free discovery session.


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