25 years as Entrepreneur, I worked as a consultant to the DWP (Department of Work & Pensions, UK government) for 3 years mentoring Start Up Businesses. I own and run a digital marketing company (Drive by Digital) that I co-founded with Ralph over 10 years ago. We manage our customers Social Media, internal television advertising and exterior large format digital screens; large format digital prints, Self-service touchscreen kiosks and ordering apps for Heineken, Diageo, Molson Coors, Nike, Cadbury’s, & Vodafone

CEO & Co-founder of Microstrategies a company created out of Covid-19. Initially we had experience in Thermal Imaging cameras for early detection of fevers, however unfortunately my parents passed away and at the same time Ralph’s Dad passed away and they suffered from mental health issues towards their final days. This gave us an true understanding of the difficulties Care Home residents are enduring in these Covid times. We developed Wellbeing Panels and Sensory Tables. The owners of the Care Homes said we actually made a difference to the residents lives.

About Microstrategies

Microstrategies is a subsidiary of Drive by Digital. DBD is a marketing agency dedicated to delivering extraordinary value to our clients across multiple platforms, digital, local marketing consulting and execution. We have delivered projects to pitch-side football stadiums, restaurants and bars. DBD started as a Social Media company, creating moving post, optimising the post and generating additional revenue for our customers businesses. Since then we supply digital screens to the fast food restaurant industry and self service Kiosks.

With the arrive of the Covid-19 we founded Microstrategies with the purpose to build solutions that help reduce the risk of contagion by screening people’s temperatures in public and private places, such as: schools, care homes and workplaces.


12:00PM to 1:00PM

28 January 2021
Speaker Topic:

Covid proof, wellbeing solutions

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