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The Coaching Process 

The underlying premise of coaching is to help the client reach self-discovery by developing inner self. Coaching covers all aspects of life.
In my work with clients as a professional coach and trainer, I am an exciting participant in coaching process.

I meet people who are depressed and frustrated. Through behavioural-based coaching, we work together to achieve greater satisfaction in their personal and professional life.

The aim of personal development coaching is to help clients formulate personal development strategies. 

Through coaching, I help them build self-awareness.

Whether coaching is aimed at personal growth or increased efficiency in the workplace, it involves four steps.

the process

How Does It Work?

Step one

Evaluating the current situation

First we analyse the client’s situation. We’ll discuss client concerns and aspirations.

 Every journey starts with a roadmap. To provide our clients with the most useful roadmap to their goals, we need to discover where they are today.

This information will help our clients decide where they want to go. Working together, we can determine areas to work on.

Step two

Determining action steps

Many of us have hopes and aspirations, but we don’t know where to start. Coaching helps set life goals and carve a path to success.

In step two, we’ll look at next steps on the client’s journey to self awareness. This allows us to focus on milestones and set objectives. What hurdles do they need to overcome to get where they want to go?

Once we know where our clients want to go, we begin to create a personal roadmap. This is the beginning of our journey to the true inner self.

Step three

Engaging in coaching

Coaching involves personal development and growth. Through coaching I help my clients develop increased self-knowledge and greater selfawareness.

In this step, we’ll set specific, relevant, measurable goals. Then, we will discuss actions, a timeline, and the client’s motivation to achieve these goals.

During coaching sessions, I encourage clients to ask questions and provide feedback. Coaching is a two-way process. Both coach and client must be engaged in and motivated to helping you achieve your best self.

Coaching is an amazing way to create positive change. It offers options for positive feedback. Coaching encourages client to pose open-ended questions. Coaching provides direction and encouragement.

Step four

Watching inner strength grow

Coaching is a cyclical process - not a one-time event.

In step four, we’ll discuss how successfully personal goals have been achieved and where we need to go next on life’s journey.

Through coaching, clients begin to take greater responsibility for their life design.

They grow and develop personally and professionally.

At the end of their journey, clients will notice two things.

Their inner strength will be stronger.

The world around them will have changed so that they will be able to take on any challenge.

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