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Thrive in every area of life & business

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The UK Government are putting wellbeing at the forefront of their health policy, to help boost the economy while reducing the strain on the NHS.

In their "All Our Health scheme", the Government state that 1 in 5 workers

have a mental health condition.

To combat mental and physical conditions, they have outlined five ways to wellbeing:


Be Active…

Take Notice…

Keep Learning…



We want people feeling confident and ready to take the next step

 in their professional and personal lives.

That's why at our events we focus on providing the best:


Change your relationship with yourself…
and everything changes

I believe we ALL have something special within us. But when we go through adversity – divorce; ill health; redundancy – it’s easy to feel disconnected from ourselves & others. I’m passionate about helping you release old blocks & move towards your bold goals…in every area of your life & business!

We are all in search of a better life.

Maybe you are going through a break-up or a divorce, maybe you are not sure if a separation is what you really want.

Maybe you have been made redundant or are suddenly facing unexpected changes in your career.

Maybe you are on a fertility journey, or have experienced a miscarriage or another loss in your life.

Do you want to feel free? 

Do you want peace of mind?

Do you want to trust again?

Do you want to feel whole; with a deep sense of clarity about who you really are?

It is possible to set bold goals in all areas of your life, from business & work to your personal life. You can set goals and move towards them confidently, with total belief in your own power. 

I want you to know that I have been on this journey, too.

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Ways To Develop The Inner You

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Every Journal & Course purchased includes a donation to Wellbeing for Women.

charity of the year

Wellbeing for Women

We’re SO excited about giving back, to support the UK’s foremost women’s health research charity (something we believe in SO passionately!).


Notes of gratitude from our clients

"As a speaker at the Student Nurse Conference for Mental Health Wellbeing, Schnel was very inspirational and many of the students who attended commented on this. She gave such wise, thoughtful, and motivational insights which I am sure will influence the care the students give to patients and how they cope with university life and completing their studies."

Nigel Davies 

UEL Employer

"Schnel Hanson, a woman of empowerment and amazing self-worth, created a beautiful spa weekend. It was such a peaceful experience, different to any other women’s empowerment seminar I’ve been to. Personally, it was all about learning – learning about ones’ self, looking after the mind, body and soul. Sometimes, as women we need to look towards the future and what WE ourselves aim to achieve. Schnel helped is achieve that."

Nicole Leonne


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